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Call or text for an estimate 
3464 Cherokee rd. Stockton Ca. 95205

Dog Grooming
Includes: Full body haircut, bath, blowout, brushing, ear cleaning, sani-trim, pad shaving, blueberry/oatmeal facial, mouthwash, cute bow and cologne.

Dogs under 10 lbs. start at         $75

Dogs 11-20 lbs start at               $85
Standard Poodles & Giant Schnauzers start at    $180

Nail trimming add $10
Extra charges automatically added to bill for all 
Grooming and Bath packages please read carefully!
*Fleas-$20/$50 depending on severity
*Tick removal - $40/$80 depending on severity
*Matting - $20
Pelting, wild or unruly behavior- Double Price

Bath for short hair Dogs
Includes: Bath, Blowout, Brushing, Ear cleaning, oatmeal/blueberry facial, cute bow/tie and cologne

                                 *Dogs under 7lbs start at         $35                                    *8-15lbs start at                   $45
*Pitbull, Labs and other Large Breeds
start at $75

Bath for Long Hair Dogs
Includes: bath, blowout, brushing, desheding treatment,
oatmeal/blueberry facial, mouthwash, cute bow and cologne

*Dogs under 7lbs start at $45
*Huskies - $120(sm) - $180(extra Lg.)
*Malamute, Rotties, Great Pyrn or other
Extra Large Breed Dogs -
$150(sm) - $200 and up (Extra Large)
*Nail Trimming ADD $10 

Walk in nail trims
$20 small breeds
$25 large breeds

Dog Boarding 

Dogs - $40 per day 
Large Dogs $45 per day

***Attention Please read carefully
*A current shot record is required to enter our facility
*Boarding is charged per calendar day
*Charges start on day of drop off & end day of pick up.
*All charges are Due on day of drop off
*A copy of your ID & valid credit card will be taken at time of drop off.  

*A wellness bath is required and will be added to your bill.  -The bath will be discounted 10% off posted bath rates.  *Please bring food pre-bagged for daily feeding or a
$5 charge will be added to your bill.
*Medication is $5 extra per session
*Two or more dogs get a 10% discount off of boarding fees.
*Our rooms are large 14x3.5 ft. There is a doggy door half way, bed and blanket are inside.  Food and water outside. 
*Your pet will get two, fifteen minute potty breaks in our 
grass play yards. 
*Rooms are sanitized daily. 

*Want extra play time? 
-1 hour extra yard time - $24 per session

Absolutely no aggressive dogs, unsocialized
or sickly dogs will be accepted.
Please familiarize your self with the Abandonment Law.


Call or text for an appointment!
(209) 280-6125
3464  Cherokee Rd,
Stockton, CA 95205


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Grooming/Boarding : 8:00AM - 4:00PM 


Tuesday Office Closed  

Care is Provided for Pets


Grooming/Boarding : 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Boarding only : 8:00AM - 10:00AM

Grooming and Boarding by appointment only

Call for availability (209) 280-6125  


3464 Cherokee Rd, Stockton, CA 95205

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